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At Performance Engineering, we like nothing more than seeing our team members succeed in their careers—in a collaborative problem-solving culture, the success of one, means the success of all. Working with us means being a part of an expanding, diverse and on-the-go company that puts a premium on employee development.

We recognize that engineers can often become “pigeon-holed” in the work they’re asked to do, but not at Performance Engineering. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects as you share your existing skills and learn new ones. When you join the Performance Engineering team, expect a career of learning and developing new skills to compliment your existing ones.

At Performance Engineering, we don’t just check our egos at the door—we leave them in the parking lot. We work collaboratively as teams, so the best idea wins, no matter who it comes from. As a member of our team, you can count on being valued and being heard. Before every project, we gather our leaders and teams together to brainstorm solutions, this gives you the opportunity to make an impact from day one. To join the Performance Engineering team, check out our current career opportunities.

Current Career Opportunities

Who We’re Looking For

While we expect every new hire to bring skills and knowledge to our company, that’s not everything we look for. We want people who are honest and who are willing to give us everything they’ve got as we work towards a common goal of best in class customer service in civil engineering and surveying services. If you are a creative problem solver, willing to go the extra mile for your clients, and able to think on your feet, we invite you to check out our current career opportunities.

Why You Want to Work Here

While we offer competitive wages and good benefits to our team members, that’s not the only reason candidates want to build their careers with us. They want to work with us because we treat our team members with respect, we do what we say we’re going to do, and we are committed to letting you grow in the profession.

At Performance Engineering we also believe in giving back to our community, so if you have a heart for volunteering, you’ll have the opportunity here.

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Why You Want to Live Here

Billings is called the Magic City for good reason. Our quality of life is the envy of other communities large and small. Montana’s largest city is thriving and affordable. It’s a vibrant hub for professional services, retailing, energy, agriculture, health care, education, entertainment, fine dining, cool breweries and much more. The great outdoors surround us with world-class skiing, fishing, hunting, hiking and biking. Eighty percent of residents have less than a 25-minute commute, leaving more time to enjoy our 200+ sunny days a year.

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