Market: Land Development

Completion: December 2016

Project Narrative: The project was originally designed and permitted by another engineering firm. Using the original plans, the project was in the red and the project owner found it made no economic sense to move forward as designed.

Performance Engineering uncovered new efficiencies and alternative options to save on construction costs. Storm water and sewer design corrections incorporated into the new design save the project owner approximately $400,000 in the construction of Phase 3. This made the project phase profitable while reducing the cost of future installations and phase work.

Key achievements include:

  • Reducing costs with identical or better outcomes through the replacement of oversized concrete stormwater control structures with more natural materials as well as materials already on site (rip rap rock)–all within existing grades and topography
  • Delivering a more natural look and feel to the completed project
  • Creating easier asset installation and maintenance
  • Providing exponential cost savings and smoother construction process gained by rerouting the sewer line directly to the sewer lift station, going from a buried depth of 23 feet to 15 feet and reducing the potential concerns of routing the sewer back through the existing subdivision

Project Result: On-Time & Under Budget

Services Provided:

  • Surveying
  • Water sewer and storm water design
  • Residential road design
  • Construction and inspection
  • Construction administration
  • Closeout and acceptance coordination with the City of Billings

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