Market: Municipal

Completion: Current Project (Started 2016)

Project Narrative: Cooke City contacted Performance Engineering to troubleshoot the malfunctioning water supply system designed and built by another engineering firm in 2011. They reported power bills that were nearly four times what they should have been, as well pressure spikes and low-pressure zones.

Our actions included:

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of the existing system
  • Evaluating possible solutions to determine best alternative
  • Modifying the existing operations equipment within the well housing, which optimized pumping conditions
  • Evening pressure throughout the system, which reduced the total operating cost of the system by two-thirds and cut power bills for town residents.

Performance Engineering is now working on planning a community wastewater system. We will provide preliminary engineering for the community collection and treatment facility.

This new facility will improve conditions within the community, bring stability to businesses on Main Street (knowing they will have an operating water and sewer system for the next 30 years) and provide substantial environmental benefits where the Soda Butte Creek feeds into Yellowstone National Park.

Project Result: Satisfied customers are saving money thanks to project optimization and system efficiencies.

Services Provided:

  • Municipal facilities operation assistance
  • Operations troubleshooting
  • Water supply
  • Water distribution
  • Water storage
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Community meetings, informational flyers, dissemination of information to town residents
  • Grant funding assistance
  • Grant management
  • Wastewater collection and treatment plan
  • Preliminary engineering reports

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